I am a public policy and governance research professional with a BSc (First class Honours) in Political Science and Public Administration from University of Benin, Nigeria. My first contact with VEN foundation was in 2016, a few months after I was admitted for a master’s degree in Political Science at the University of Ibadan. The foundation’s prompt response to my request for financial support regarding my tuition fees placed me on a strong footing and made it possible for me to concentrate and successfully complete my programme. Subsequently, the Africa Initiative for Governance (AIG) awarded me a full scholarship to study for a master’s degree in Public Policy at the University of Oxford, UK. I have also gone on to work with two Nigerian-based research institutes and a think-tank based in London.


My worries came to an end the moment I gained admission into Latana College of Hospitality Enugu, through VEN Foundation. I never believed I will ever find myself in school again after my secondary school education because my family could not afford to fund my education. But VEN Foundation offered me a scholarship to study Hospitality.

It really eased the burden on my parents and it was a consolation to my heart, an upliftment to the people around me.

I can’t say all thatVEN Foundation has done in my life, my story has changed completely that I can now boast of being a good quality chef,a caterer,a housekeeper and a professional hospitality supervisor and above all a good homemaker. These and many more is what VEN Foundation has made possible in my life today.VEN Foundation made it possible for me to meet up with my mates when it comes to educational reasoning.

In my spiritual life,my lifestyle has totally changed. I began my catechism class with the intention to receive my first holy communion and confirmation on Easter Vigil 2020,


My greatest thanks to Almighty God, the creator of the whole universe, who uses his faithful servants in VEN Foundation to support and help humanity through their numerous good acts, especially through VENFoundation. I thank and appreciate how much they have assisted young people to achieve their goals and ambitions through so many means, such as:job opportunities for unemployed young people, scholarships to under privileged young people to help promote education in the society, providing decent healthcare and free medication to members of the village(TOWN), helping the aged in the society just to mention a few.VEN Foundation is making life less difficult for under privileged families. Things would not have been easy for without VEN foundation. They have paid my school fees since my first year in secondary school. They also provide all my textbooks and take care of all my personal needs while I am at school. The foundation usually sends a representative to ensure I am getting on well with school.  I pray that the Most High God will continue to bless and favour them.


I wish to use this opportunity to thank VEN Foundation for its kind gesture in extending a scholarship to me to study in Holy Child Secondary School Isuofia.
The scholarship has brought a big relief to my parents and has also made them joyful and happy.

God will never allow your pocket to go empty as you remember needy people, as you wipe their tears and put smiles on their faces so as God will replenish your pocket. Bless be the hand that giveth than the one that taketh. May God bless VEN Foundation as I shall always have you in my prayers in Jesus name. Amen!

I promise to study hard and be a good example to others and not to fall short of the high expectations placed on me.

Victoria is a student of Holy Child Secondary School Isuofia, JSS1.


I appreciate what VEN Foundation has done for me and other young people in education which has given us a chance to have a bright future. I will like to express my sincere thanks to VEN Foundation because without their most generous contribution I don’t know how I would have continued my education and this means a world to me. With the help of VEN Foundation I have learnt to make different kinds of baking such as bread, biscuits,meat pie,cakes etc and how to cook different kinds of food both continental and Nigerian dishes. It makes me a good home maker and a hospitality professional.

I am extremely grateful and I pray that your blessings will remain abundant from the God,

Obianuju is a student of Orisun School of Hospitality, Ibadan

2018/2020 Academic Session


I will like to use this wonderful opportunity to thank VEN Foundation in a special way for her kind support and sponsorship.

Before my time at Lantana College of Hospitality, I believe I knew nothing about catering and hospitality but through the help of VENFoundation I have developed baking and cooking skills. I have confidently developed the knowledge and skills to be a good chef and hospitality professional.

I pray that the good Lord who gave her such a good heart will reward VEN Foundation for her help and support  


2018/2020 Academic Session


After my secondary school education, my dream as a young girl was to further my education like others but couldn’t due to poor financial status, so I started working to keep myself busy for years up until one faithful day that changed my life, that was the day I got the news that VEN Foundation has started a programme to sponsor the training of female youths and that was how my whole life changed and my dream became a reality. I got admitted into Lagoon Institute of Hospitality Studies, Lagos. I have had so many great experiences which I doubt can be shared at once. L.I.H.S has taught me wonderfully well and I am grateful.

VEN Foundation is a blessing to me as they make it their responsibility to train me in a school that believes in nothing less than quality, catered to my school needs and expenses, even acts as a parent by taking care of my needs outside school activities.

Words can’t express my gratitude towards VEN Foundation. I owe them my success and I say a very big thank you and God bless them for me.


2018/2020 Academic Session


VEN Foundation have been a great help in my academic life these past few years since I  commenced by tertiary education. VEN Foundation have taken care of my school fees, accommodation, and other necessary requirements for my academic life.

I want to use this opportunity to say a very big thank you to VEN Foundation for without them my academic life wouldn’t be as comfortable or might not be at all.

God Bless VEN Foundation!

Victor is a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Applied Microbiology and Brewing Department, 300 Level.


My life really wouldn’t have been easy if not for VEN Foundation. The Foundation has been paying my school fees from my level one till date, not only that they have also been taking care of the text books and other personal expenses since my first year at university. The foundation from time to time sends a member of staff to  know how we are doing with our academics and any other personal issues. The foundation has really been a great help to me.

Cyprian is a student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Applied microbiology and Brewing Department, 400 level (final year).


I got to know VEN almost at its inception with the first set of her scholars, who are members of my extended family.

But I became really part of the scheme when it was imperative that I should pursue my studies in French language and education management. No sooner did I start this program that it was required of me to travel to Lomé the capital city of Togo, in furtherance of the studies. The curtain was almost drawn against me due to the unexpected large financial implications. I took the opportunity to take a recourse to VEN Foundation,  which after due investigation took charge of paying the huge bill which saw me through the programme. VEN eventually started taking  charge of my university education to its happy conclusion. It’s also worthy to note that the foundation also got interested in my final year project work, and also sponsored the project thereby making it very fast and a nice job. My goal is to use education and language as tools towards achieving self-help, breaking continental boundaries and to explore every opportunity that life presents.


I got to know about VEN foundation some time before my secondary school education I was among the first set of people introduced to the foundation and benefit from the scholarship. VEN Foundation took care of my education until I graduated from University of Benin, Benin City.

VEN Foundation has made my dreams of becoming a Banker come to fruition and I look forward to more exploits as I advance in my career and hope to help humanity. May God bless VEN Foundation!

Samuel is currently working with Zenith Bank Plc


I got to know about VEN Foundation when I was in primary school (class 6) in the year 2006. At the time, it was difficult for me to further my education.

Fortunately for me, I was able to get in touch with VEN Foundation. My place at Tansi International college and university was verified and I was able to go on to complete my education.

My overarching goal is to work as a professional electrical engineer. I look forward to working with the government and organisations to improve power electrical sector in Nigeria. With VEN Foundation I was able to begin my career in this evolving field.

Arinze is currently awaiting service with the National Youth Service Corp 



Not everybody has the opportunity to complete their secondary school education especially in one as great as mine. I have the privilege to be here as a result of the scholarship offered by VEN Foundation and I must say it has been an interesting experience so far.

The staff are well trained and the school management try their best to always to ensure that students have great outcomes at the end of their education.

I sincerely appreciate VEN foundation for their selfless service which made it possible for me to be where I am today educationally.

May God continue to bless and strengthen the organisation and all its members. May His grace never depart from you as you continue to put smiles on the faces of the people you serve.


Joseph is currently a student of St. Christopher’s Junior Seminary 3-3 Onitsha


I thank God for introducing me to VEN FOUNDATION. I am really grateful to VEN FOUNDATION for enabling me attend a great citadel of education such as my school which has moulded me into the person I am today, so much so, that I am a resource to my family. Without this opportunity, I don’t know where I would have been or the type of person I would have become. I have had the opportunity to improve my essay writing skills which has enabled me take part in essay competitions run by the old boys association and philanthropic organisations, the last of which I was awarded second place in my entire school. Furthermore, the school is assisting me to embark on my vocation as a Priest alongside a future occupation in medicine. Lastly the school has inculcating in me the virtue of studying tediously, allowing me to perform well above my former capacity (being now the overall 1st or 2nd)


I hereby pray, that the Lord Almighty will replenish the Founder of this foundation and protect their members from any evil .Amen!

Chekwubechukwu is currently a student of St. Christopher’s Junior Seminary 3-3 Onitsha, SS2

is currently working with Zenith Bank Plc


Vivienne Emma-Nwakanma (VEN) Foundation is a non-governmental organization which was registered with Nigeria Corporate Affairs Commission in 2007. Her major areas of focus are to provide free medical services to all the indigenes of Achalla and its surrounding environs, encourage educational excellence and foster spiritual development in the community.Our major areas of focus are providing free medical services to all 










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